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      Cognitive & Behavioral Health

      Cognitive & Behavioral Health Specialists in Jacksonville, NC

      In 2019, East Carolina Medical Associates embarked upon the integration of behavioral health to our primary care services. We embrace and encourage our patients to openly discuss mental and emotional health issues with clinicians to destigmatized this critical health care issue among our patients. We engaged state-of-the art objective evaluation techniques that assist us in classifying underlying conditions and applying appropriate treatment interventions.

      Our practice supports early evaluation for memory impairment diagnosis through scientifically supported and FDA approved methods. These include the Evoke Potential Assessment of brain health as well as blood tests that are directed at the evaluation of possible organ system factors that can impair optimal brain function. Also, blood tests include a comprehensive panel of genetic testing. 

      Our treatment approach involves lifestyle changes, nutritional recommendations, micronutrient supplements, and FDA approved medication to retard memory loss progression. An individual comprehensive care plan is generated and integrated into our care plan. Also, we offer brain exercises and biofeedback techniques. 

      This is a list of examples of coexisting chronic conditions with cognitive impairment:

      • Coronary artery disease 
      • Diabetes mellitus 
      • Chronic kidney disease
      • Congestive heart failure
      • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
      • Stroke
      • Cancer

      Early detection of cognitive impairment is vital for better outcomes and advance care planning.

      Call our office today at (910) 370-1411 to schedule an appointment for a cognitive wellness assessment.

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